Mushroom ornament


Hand Blown Glass Mushroom


Hand Blown Glass Mushrooms come a variety of colors to choose from with lots of combinations.  From the traditional Red and White Amanita to the fantasy colors of oranges, golds, aquas, blues,  purples and more.
Each Item is handmade starting with borosilicate clear glass and adding color to create these unique one of a kind ornament.  Approx. 3 1/2 to 4” comes with a Silver S hook.

Pick one to two colors for your one of a kind mushroom.  1st color cap 2nd color stem and dots

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amber purple, aqua, black, blue moon, brown, caramel, cobalt, crayon yellow, custom, dark ruby, deep sea blue, emerald green, forest, goldenrod, grape, icy blue, jade, lavender, olive, orange, pink, poppy, red, seafoam green, white